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Service at Jerry’s Majestic Marine is enhanced by modern communications. Our fleet of Service Vans and pick-ups are on a twenty-four hour call for emergency service. All employees are equipped with hand held radios that transmit through our private communications tower. Technicians can talk to the office, parts department and service manager immediately. This makes service faster, more efficient, and completed when you want it done… RIGHT NOW!

Jerry’s Majestic Marine’s winter care is a complete turn-key operation for our customers. Your boat is removed from your slip or buoy, taken to our service center and fully winterized. It is then placed in a storage building and covered with plastic. In the early winter, we send you a “blue sheet” with suggestions and quotes for offseason work The work you authorize is completed in our Service Center during the winter.

Jerry’s Majestic Marine is the only service company in the Lake Geneva area that services boats of all sizes dining the off-season. Our heated and brilliantly lit Service Center is “state of the art” according to a Mercruiser representative upon entering our facility for the first time. the building is climactically controlled so all mechanical work, huffing. restoration, bottom painting, and spring cleaning can be completed on schedule, regardless of the weather. You boat leaves our Service Center ready for launch on the week you request on your “blue sheet.”

One of Jerry’s Majestic Marine’s most distinguished trademarks is the immaculate condition of your boat at launch time! We meticulously clean the exterior and interior of your boat, including the windows. We also give you the option of having your carpets professionally cleaned.

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